Single electronic ticket "Sputnik"

Tariffs of Sputnik

The cost of trips for one calendar month:

  • Metro
    70 trips (90 days)
    3850 r.
    40 trips (30 days)
    1350 r.
    20 trips (15 days)
    705 r.
    10 trips (7 days)
    370 r.
  • Ground transportation
    * Not provide
    * Types of travel tickets and the order of their circulation are established by the Committee on transport of the Government of St. Petersburg

Terms of Service “Online replenishment of the resource of travel tickets”

These conditions determine the procedure for using the service "Online replenishment of the resource of travel tickets" posted on the Internet at this address.

This service is available only for Sputnik cardholders.

1. General Provisions
1.1. To use the PBM, it is required to purchase a special electronic medium at the subway ticket office - the Sputnik contactless smart card (BSC).
1.2. When replenishing the PBM resource via the Internet, it is required to enter the number printed on BSK "Sputnik", the paid number of trips from 1 to 70, and pay the cost of trips with a credit card, electronic money, or in another way that the Internet provider will offer you.
1.3. Paid PBM resource is recorded on your BSK Sputnik when passing through the turnstile no earlier than 10 minutes after payment and no later than 30 days. In the period from 31 to 365 days from the date of payment, the paid PBM resource is recorded at BSK "Sputnik" at any subway ticket office.
1.4. The validity period of the ticket (the period during which you can use the ticket to make passes to the subway) is 365 days from the date of the last non-cash payment via the Internet;
1.5.BSPM does not have a reuse delay time.
1.6. Baggage is paid with a token.
1.7. In ticket vending and replenishment machines and in devices for checking and replenishing tickets at subway stations, BSM does not record the PBM resource paid over the Internet at BSK, these devices are used to control the PBM resource.
1.8. For the acquisition of PBM, it is necessary to buy BSK Sputnik at any cash desk of subway stations (costing 55 rubles). BSK repayment period with payment of value - 45 days from the date of its acquisition. When selling BSK Sputnik, the resource of the PBM placed on it is 0 trips. The shelf life of BSK "Sputnik" (the period during which it is possible to use to make passes and replenish the PBM resource) is 5 years.
1.9.If several payments are made to one BSK "Sputnik", in the turnstile the paid PBM resource is recorded to the BSK one by one. To activate several payments at the same time you need to contact the cashier.
1.10. Replacement of inoperative BSK "Sputnik" is made at the ticket offices of stations. In this case, the paid PBM resource is transferred to the new BSK. 2. General conditions for using the Service
2.1. The use of certain functionality of the Service is allowed only after the User has passed registration in the System.
2.2. The Registered User is given access to additional functional capabilities of the Service, as well as the opportunity to take actions necessary to activate such access.
2.3. When registering in the System, the user receives a username (login) and password. The User’s login and password are necessary and sufficient information to access the System. The user must maintain the confidentiality of the login and password and is fully responsible for all actions performed using this data. In order to prevent unauthorized access, the User must change the password at the first login to the System. In the future, the password should be changed at least once every three months in accordance with the recommended requirements for it:

Password must contain at least 6 characters;
password must contain numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters;
the password should not contain a name, surname, patronymic, a combination of initials, date of birth, phone, other personal information and any English word.

2.4. In case of unlawful use of your username / password or any other breach of security, the User must immediately notify the Administration.
2.5. The administration reserves the right to restrict the User’s access to the Service using his account or completely block the User’s account in violation of these Terms.
2.6.All the elements that the User sees on the site are protected by copyright law. The user does not have the right to use, copy, distribute, modify, etc. Website elements - texts and images. The marks and logos appearing on the site are the property of companies that reserve the right to prosecute any action to violate their intellectual property rights.

Payment according to the card

Card number - 19 or 26 digits Plantain, 11 digits Sputnik

To activate the funds in the travel ticket account, you need to attach the card to the Visualizer and wait for the information about the current state of the balance to appear on the screen.

The mobile application «PaymentTransport»

It is a universal transport application for remote payment of travel. There is no fee for mobile apps.

Payment methods

The commission at replenishment of "Plantain", "Sputnik" of student's, student ID, pension cards is not raised. Payment can be made using bank cards (including "MIR"), "Yandex.Money", "QIWI", cash in payment terminals "ELEXNET", via chat bots Viber and Telegram.

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