Mobile application «PaymentTransport»

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«PaymentTransport» — Universal Mobile Transport Application with which you can:

  • Replenish the resource of the travel ticket "Plantain," operating in   St. Petersburg;
  • Replenish the resource of the travel ticket "Sputnik",
  • to look at the card of the subway,
  • Find on the city map city transport routes, find out the length, price, duration,
  • Order a student or retiree discount card.

Payment methods

The same payment methods are available in the mobile app as when you pay online:

  • From your mobile phone account;
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card and MIR cards;
  • Through electronic wallets: Yandex.Money, Qiwi.Wallet

pay attention

The application requires an Internet connection. The data transfer fee is charged by the telecom operator according to the tariffs for this type of service.

The mobile application «PaymentTransport»

It is a universal transport application for remote payment of travel. There is no fee for mobile apps.

Payment methods

The commission at replenishment of "Plantain", "Sputnik" of student's, student ID, pension cards is not raised. Payment can be made using bank cards (including "MIR"), "Yandex.Money", "QIWI", cash in payment terminals "ELEXNET", via chat bots Viber and Telegram.

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